Little Letters

Half Inch

Artistic Atmosphere's unique letters sets are some of our newest and most popular items!


Our half inch ivory letters are great for fitting bigger quotes or messages! However, as they are quite dainty, they can only be used with the FELT variety with tight lines, otherwise they will not stay in place.


Mix up your lettering to make a bigger impact with any feltboard marquee! 

These are the best letters to make the words of your messages stand out in your family photos, birth announcements, milestone updates, inspirational quotes, or Instagram posts!


Our Ivory Half Inch Little Letters Collection Includes:

  • A-Z

  • 0-9

  • Symbols

  • 6 different cursive words (2 of each)

  • Different varieties of hearts, stars and arrows

  • 1 decorative drawstring storage bag, made of heavy cotton.


THIS SET IS GREAT for those people who like using their letterboards for long inspirational quotes or motivational messages, so you won't run out of space as often.


Make sure to check out our shop for a variety of felt letter board frames to go with these letters! They make fantastic gifts for teachers, baby showers, pregnancy, Christmas, mother's day… the possibilities are endless!


At Artistic Atosphere we are 100% committed to providing great customer service. We always aim to have the highest quality products, to earn your support of our little family business. Let us know if we can help in any way! Thank you so much for choosing us!

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