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When I was young, I had about a million creative hobbies, including singing, sewing, dancing, gymnastics, knitting, playing various musical instruments, making jewelery, drawing, among other things.

When I got older, started working, eventually got married, I started "not having time" for many of those things any more. I put that in quotes, because now that I've become a full time working mom,

I now know that before,

when I said I had "no time", I didn't know what I was talking about.

I realized since my son came along, just how much I missed my creative hobbies, and wishing I had taken more advantage of all the time I had before he was born (haha!).

So I began working creativity back into my every day life, even if only in little ways. Like dancing around the living room with my son, listening to music, or building block towers with him, singing to him, doodling with him when I was teaching him to use his crayons. 

The important thing was that I ENJOYED creating with him.

I have also started sewing again, creating Artistic Atmosphere's website and graphics, and while I still can't do very much each day, I make an effort to be present, in the current moment, and enjoy it.


Now, I have a new purpose, to help other moms like myself, dads, and people in general to find their creative spark again that they maybe haven't had in a while.

I would be over the moon if you would be interested in joining our Facebook group, where you can go to share your creativity, no matter how big or small, and get inspiration from other's creativity, with a group of like-minded people. Click the button below to find out more!

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